Buying Advice: How to Find the Right Product in Our Neck Massager Comparison 2020

  • The causes of neck pain and tension in the neck and shoulder area are mostly incorrect posture and overload. Constant sitting and working on a screen are among the main causes today. Provide an ergonomic workplace!
  • You can alleviate and prevent complaints with a neck massager. However, if you experience chronic pain, you should see a doctor.
  • Neck massagers massage with a tapping massage, shiatsu massage or vibration. In addition, there are models with switchable heat or infrared, which also relax the deep muscles.

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More and more people complain about back, shoulder and neck problems. Static postures in the workplace are often the cause. The so-called VDU workers particularly often suffer from pain in these areas. The hours of work on the computer and the associated lack of exercise in unhealthy sitting positions exacerbate the problems.

You should take action before the pain reaches chronic quality. In addition to more movement in everyday life, frequently changing seating positions in the office and elsewhere, a neck massager can relieve neck pain. In the following you will learn more about the function, selection criteria and possibilities in the application.

1. How a neck massager works

neck massagerTests of neck massagers show: A neck massager can relieve symptoms and can be used at home, in the car and at work in the office.

The models compared with each other work with electricity and require a power connection. The neck massager with battery performs massaging movements using rotating balls. Sometimes the devices heat up and contribute to relaxation.

Depending on the model, it is used sitting or lying down. The devices presented in the neck massager comparison 2020 are suitable for use while sitting and to a certain extent lying down. For an optimal massage effect, you should use the selected neck massage pillow while sitting – at home on the sofa, on the go in the car or in the office.

The equipment includes a control unit, via which you can adjust the intensity. An additional advantage is a neck massager with a heat function , which increases the relaxing effect and relieves the neck pain.

Attention: The mechanical neck massage does not replace professional treatment for chronic pain. Contact your doctor if you experience constant tension and pain.

2. Purchase advice: Neck massager for tension and pain

The main task of the massager for the neck is the automatic massage of the tense muscles. Selected neck massagers can be used in addition to the neck area to massage the back or legs. Provide additional relaxation with the models that warm up at the push of a button.

A neck massager with infrared stimulates the deep muscles by heat better. The following table clearly shows the positive effects of the massagers for the shoulder and neck:

Advantage for you Summary
Relaxes the muscles A beneficial massage relaxes the muscles and has a positive effect on the skin and tissue. The cells renew themselves faster, the body recovers better from previous stresses and tensions less quickly in the future. A relaxing massage also has a positive effect on the psyche.
Promotes blood circulation The massage loosens the tissue and stimulates blood circulation. As a result, the blood pressure regulates and you lower your resting heart rate.
Relieves pain Relieving tension and pain is one of the main goals of the neck massage. Your bonded tissue is loosened and ideally the pain disappears.
Prevents tension The regular massage loosens the muscles and tissue. They are less prone to injuries and tension in the future.

3. Types of neck massagers

The different types of neck massagers can be divided into different categories, depending on the type of massage. Regardless of the model, the devices for your neck and shoulder area offer the following advantages and disadvantages:


  • The devices can relieve pain and tension.
  • They promote blood circulation to the skin and tissue.
  • Muscles and psyche are relaxed.
  • Future tensions and pain are prevented.
  • Thanks to the compact shape, the neck massagers can be taken to work or on vacation.


  • The devices do not replace medical care for chronic complaints.
  • The pain can initially increase due to the massage of the affected muscles.

3.1. Neck massage device test winner with the technique of Shiatsu massage

neck massager with heat functionA massager with Shiatsu massage.

A neck massager from the comparison that the massage technique imitates Shiatsu is the Beurer neck massager. The form of body therapy comes from traditional Japanese medicine, Shiatsu means something like finger pressure . The devices implement the shape of the massage with counter-rotating massage heads.

The effect is perceived as intense and the relaxation effect for the shoulders and neck is great. Use a Shiatsu neck massager with Shiatsu massage technique for intense relaxation , pain and wellness.

The Donnerberg neck massager and Naipo neck massager also work with the Shiatsu massage. If you have shoulder pain, the Naipo device can also be used as a shoulder massager.

3.2. Models with tapping massage

neck massageMedisana massager with tapping massage.

An alternative are electric neck massagers, which work tense muscles with the tapping technique. The massage heads with light strokes and tapping movements stimulate the muscles.

Depending on the model, you can adjust the speed and intensity and adapt it to your needs. When used correctly, these devices are able to relieve tension and promote blood circulation. The Medisana neck massager is one such device.

3.3. Neck massager with vibration

neck massager vibrationMassager with vibration from Medisana.

These models are not only used for pure massage of the neck or shoulder muscles. Rather, the vibrations affect all parts of the body and thus also on the neck and shoulder area.

The models are available as a neck massager with red light or heat function.

4. Buy the best neck massager

Which type of massager is the right choice for a tense neck and shoulder area depends on your individual requirements, the following points will help you to make a purchase decision and choose the right brand.

4.1. Neck massagers in the test

Stiftung Warentest, Ökotest and other test magazines have so far not dealt with the quality of a neck massager test. The testimonials of the buyers will help you to compare the neck massagers.

4.2. With or without heating function

Pain and tension can be relieved by massage and heat. A massage device with infrared heat is useful for relieving tension on the underlying muscles. The heating function can be switched on at the push of a button.

4.3. Type of massage head rotation

Do you find the tapping massage pleasant or is the tapping too strong for you? If a Shiatsu massage feels better, you should select the massage device accordingly. The devices mimic the movements of the thumbs and fingers , the massage heads should rotate evenly and in opposite directions .

4.4 Infinitely variable or adjustable with different intensity levels?

The various models of the manufacturers are equipped with a control panel, which is either integrated into the massage cushion or connected via a cable. For a maximum individual adjustment of the intensity, it is best to select a model with small incremental intensity levels.

5. FAQ: Questions & Answers about neck massagers

The following points are a collection of the most common questions with the corresponding answers on the subject of neck pain and neck massagers.

5.1. How does neck pain develop?

Eliminate the causes of neck pain!

The main cause of tension in the neck and shoulder area are static postures. However, factors such as stress also play an important role and the problems cannot be eliminated permanently without regular exercise.

The back and neck are susceptible to pain due to overloading, incorrect loading and lack of movement. Posture problems and overloads are the main causes, the overload can also be stress. As a result, the muscles harden and shorten.

24 vertebrae are responsible for the mobility and stability of the back – the complex structure is susceptible to painful functional disorders. Unilateral work can lead to strain on the tendons, ligaments and muscles.

5.2. Can using the smartphone lead to neck pain?

The typical posture when operating smartphones and tablets puts up to 5 times more strain on the cervical spine than the straight posture with the head held high. This attitude is temporarily not a problem , but with an average use of four hours a day this means a very high load. Wear is the result. The term cell phone neck has established itself for the problem .

Tip: Be it smartphone or PC, avoid unhealthy postures. Interrupt the use regularly and carry out mobility exercises. Turn your head from left to right and lower your ear towards your shoulder until you feel a pull in the cervical spine. Lower your eyes to read, not your head.

5.3. What helps with neck pain?

An ergonomically designed workplace is important for VDU workers. The chair and table must be at the correct height and set at the correct angle. The top edge of the screen must be at eye level. A round back is to be avoided, in fact in the office: the next sitting position is the best.

So change the sitting position regularly, rigid upright sitting is unhealthy for the back, neck and shoulders. A massage can help preventive and acute pain, for the home, on the road in the car and in the office, the neck massager is the practical helper of your choice.

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